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by a book. This book. Written by a teacher,
it provides compelling evidence that the reason students fail is that we don't hold them reponsible for their learning.
    "You Can't Blame the Teachers" is available through Amazon.com in print and Kindle versions
    See the "excerpts" section of this website for a sample. A link is provided below. Or just buy the book. We won't object.
You Can't Blame the Teachers
"The future of Education is the future of America"
Exploring the true cause behind
the failure of public education
                                                        is both a website and a book. You donít have to buy the book to explore the wesbite. We just want to get the word out. Our schools are in crisis, and we canít solve the problem until we stop looking for easy answers and accept the truth:
Schools are "failing" because students are failing. Students are failing because they won't work. The teachers try, but schools provide no support. Then they blame the teachers, because teachers are an easy target.
                 features selected pages from the book.
            shares reader viewpoints. It might become a blog with replies someday, if we can figure out how to do that.
           focuses on recent events, and provides links to articles by others who truly understand the problem Ė in other words, people who agree with us.
              is a collection of outrageous and wrongheaded quotes from outrageous and wrongheaded politicians, administrators and students.

                   is just that, for readers of the Kindle book.
               provides links to submit comments and quotes, and to the book at the Amazon Kindle store.
This site is for teachers, parents, even students who are frustrated at the low standards at their school... anyone who cares about education. But it's probably not for administrators. They won't like it.
You Can't Blame the Teachers
                             has nothing to do with the subject at hand; it's
just a collection of pictures from our vacations together.
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